Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 3 again


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  1. Hi Kadie! You have a great pose, but I don't think the alignment of the screens works well with the pose. I'd play around with the whole composition (notice how the fellow is just a hair off the center is that "difficult" zone, not quite centered, but not quite off-centered). The shape (and possibly size) of the screens could be more interesting that round-corner rectangles (more like old TV set shapes?) The bright background makes the screens look like a mobile. Is that what you want? As for the silhouette, it's hard to tell if it's painted or a photo retouched in Photoshop (I suspect it's the latter). I would paint it all so it's all done in the same artistic style. So I don't think you're quite there, and I'd encourage you to revisit your original sketch (which, IMO, had more "umpf" than this version). Good luck!